Video Resources

Communication Goals for the Ocean Technology Program:

-  Add communication element to the undergraduate series of design-build courses (ERIS)
-  Develop online resources for public access
-  Strengthen the online presence of ocean technology

Design-Build Video Documentation Template:

The Ocean Technology Center has begun creating video content related to the ocean technology being researched and created in the ERIS makerspace. In an effort to produce consistent, well-constructed videos that clearly illustrate the design and build process, ERIS has developed a video template. The purpose of the template is to aid individuals with no production background in video creation, while also providing a consistency to the approach that future students can rely on when accessing the material.

Ocean technology educational videos have apparent educational benefits, but the expensive process of developing these resources must also benefit the producer. Thus, though the template can be used by students and teachers for video production, the template is intended to primarily be used by students. The purpose of this is to not only enable students to think critically about the specific ocean technology, but also how to communicate its function, purpose, and importance.

Video production can seem daunting, but as long as the imagery is discernable, the footage well organized, and the message coherent, any video can have a significant impact on student learning. In this setting, effectiveness and importance are no longer constrained by typical concerns of budget, production quality, or expertise of the filmmakers. Thus, with help from a template and attention to basic video techniques, videos can be produced by anyone for teaching and learning.