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MonicaTaylor, and Jaqui 

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Grant Managers: ShannonDeven


University Financial Transformation Website 

On July 6, 2023, the UW switched from a nearly 50-year-old finance system to a new one – Workday Finance. With this transition came a great deal of change that is currently impacting the research community. This page brings together information and resources to help you navigate the transition.

Award Portal 

Award Portal is an application managed by Grant & Contract Accounting that provides up-to-date post-award financial information for sponsored programs to UW researchers and staff. Note that financial data does not include expenditure detail, which can be found in Workday. Once you log into Workday, search by PI name for your grants and contracts.

Check on Status

For your spend authorization or expense report number, enter that number into the Workday search bar. You may have to click on "More Categories" on the left-hand side if there a blue hyperlink with your SA or ER number popping up automatically. Click into the blue hyperlink to see Status. 

Recorded Demos and How-To's

Troubleshoot worktag errors

Troubleshoot uploading files to MyOcean

Run R1234 Report: Grant Budget Actuals

Also see our PDF cheatsheet under Grants & Contracts 

Find Grants by PIs

Procurement Card Limit Increases

How-To Receive a Subaward Invoice

Report a Problem

When you encounter problems, please start by working with your department staff. If need be, they will work with you to report the issues using the UW Connect Finance Portal. The problem reports will go to your School/College Shared Environment.

Check with your unit to make sure that there are no approvals pending (e.g. for invoices) or corrections needed in award setup and modification requests.

Reminder: PIs are required to approve subrecipient invoices using Workday. See our How-To.

If delays continue, or for other pressing matters, please elevate issues to your School or College Senior Research Administrators, and they will escalate the top priorities to Mandy Morneault, Chief Operating Officer in the Office of Research.

Refer to Central Office escalation processes:

Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) urgent request process

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) subaward conversion questions and resources

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