Zack Nachod

Zack Nachod!

Your name and pronouns: 

Zack Nachod (He/Him)


Senior thesis title and a brief description:

Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Estimating Biogeochemical Properties on Seaglider Tracks in the Southern Ocean My thesis explores the use of multiple methods, including several from the machine learning literature, for biogeochemical parameter estimation in the Southern Ocean. This research finds the statistical relationships (i.e., models) between quantities that have been directly measured and uses them to estimate nitrate on tracks of a remotely piloted ocean observing instrument called a Seaglider. These statistical relationships are found using data from research ships and autonomous ocean observing devices called Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) floats.


What is your most memorable undergraduate experience in the School of Oceanography?

One of my most memorable experiences as an undergraduate in the School of Oceanography was when I accidentally destroyed half of the R/V Thompson's Christmas cookies on the senior thesis cruise.